Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic Legal advice and assistance to residents of the District of Thunder Bay, particularly Aboriginal people, who need assistance with poverty law issues

Staff and Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2020/21

Alta Fenton                                         President                                         Thunder Bay

Andrea O’Nabigon                             Vice-President                                 Geraldton

Cindy Whittington                              Treasurer                                         Thunder Bay

Jamie McGinnis                                  Secretary                                          Thunder Bay

Mary Day                                             Director                                            Armstrong

Manon White                                      Director                                            Nipigon

Michael Deschamps Sr.                     Director                                            Marathon

Staff – Thunder Bay:

Jessica Barry                                       Administrative Clerk (P/T)

Mayisha Choudhury                          File Digitization Clerk/Student Placement

Sally Colquhoun                                 Coordinator of Legal Services

Kim Facca                                            Community Legal Worker

Patricia Fenton                                   Executive Secretary

Teri Hofer                                            Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

Cindy Johnson                                    Assistant Director of Administration

Iris Johnson                                        Librarian

Tracey Lasook                                     Licensed Paralegal

Claire Littleton                                    Staff Lawyer

Angie Lynch                                        Community Development & Outreach Coordinator

Melanie MacKenzie                            Licensed Paralegal

Beth Ponka                                          Director of Administration

Caycie Soke                                         Staff Lawyer

Larissa Speak                                      Staff Lawyer

Staff – Geraldton:

Chantal Walterson                              Licensed Paralegal

Pam Leblanc                                        Administrative Assistant

Staff – Marathon:

Miriam McCutcheon                          Community Legal Worker

Julia Michano                                      Administrative Assistant





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